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the science of making machines that can think like humans.

xAI Draw, xAI Grok GPT, xAI Contract Scanner, xAI Trading

Turbo-charged engine that helps us
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Blockchain AI


AI may not have the capacity to love, but it has the power to turn dreams into reality.

Olan Baker

Engineer at xAI

The next big thing in AI.

BNB Chain:


Navigating the complex world of crypto and blockchain can be a daunting task, but with X AI, you can rest assured that you will receive the most reliable information and valuable insights available. By utilizing the power of AI, you can unlock a true superpower in the crypto and blockchain space.

Our AI model is continuously learning and adapting, allowing you to stay one step ahead and achieve maximum success. Trust in X AI to provide you with the cutting-edge tools and resources you need to thrive in the dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


X AI Solutions

  • NFT
  • AI
  • Dataset

xAI AI Draw

xAI AI Draw inherits the best practices from Dall-E 2 and Latent Diffusion while introducing some new ideas. It uses the CLIP model as the text and image encoder and employs a diffusion image prior (mapping) between the CLIP modalities' latent spaces.
This approach enhances the visual performance of the model and opens up new possibilities for blending images and manipulating images through text. To diffuse the latent spaces, we use a transformer with 20 layers, 32 heads, and a hidden size of 2048.

  • GPT
  • NLP
  • Gaussian Model
  • Generative AI

xAI Grok GPT

The X AI is powered by GPT-4 language models that can be triggered to execute natural language processes with the assistance of accurately constructed text prompts. However, these models can create outcomes that are false, toxic, or reflect bad sentiments. This is due to the fact that GPT-4 is trained to guess the subsequent word in a vast collection of online text rather than to secure the language task that the user wishes. In other words, these models have not been designed to meet the needs of their users.

  • Contract
  • Security
  • Detection
  • WEB3

xAI Scanner

xAI Scanner assists users in detecting two of the most prevalent token scams: rug pulls and honeypots. As scammers develop more complex plans to commit fraud on DeFi, it has become harder to recognize scam tokens. All you have to do is take the token contract address and paste it into X Scanner search bar, and X Scanner provides you with data on potential risks, a brief audit of the contract, and more. Our priority is to identify and expose as many scams as possible. This assessment of the contract is put forward as an informational reference rather than a definite ruling on the trustworthiness of the contract.

  • Trading Bot
  • Algo
  • Patterns Trading
  • Automated

X Trading

AI is becoming increasingly present in stock trading, providing a convenient, automated solution referred to as “lazy trading”.
The rapidly growing use of Artificial Intelligence in trading is evidence of its effectiveness, as it enables firms to use vast stores of data to detect stock market trends and patterns quickly and make decisions reliably.
Its capabilities to rapidly process and assess big masses of data, as well as identify complex trading patterns, allow firms to make informed buying and selling decisions in real-time and significantly increase their profits.


Supply Information

Max Supply: 100 Trillion
Burn: 50 Trillion
Circulating: 50 Trillion

Buy/Sell Tax

Contract Tax: 0%.
Pancake Tax: 0.25%
Total Tax: 0.25%

Zero Tax

X AI token does not involve any taxation, allowing investors to take advantage of not having to pay any tax when buying or selling the token. This is because the token's ecosystem functions independently from taxes, and has its own AI utility to generate revenue and facilitate buyback and burning operations.


About Phase 1

At launch, phase 1 will feature a beta version of xAI AI Draw and xAI Grok GPT, and is estimated to last between 1 to 3 months, depending on the speed of our team's development. This phase focus on building the fundamental and adoption.

  • 25,000 $xAI holders
  • xAI Draw version 1
  • Grok GPT version 1
  • xAI Scanner - BSC
  • xAI Trading Bot - Internal Testing & Beta
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Trust Wallet Dapp Inclusion
  • Token Pocket Dapp Inclusion
  • Media Releases on News Editorial Site
  • CEX Listing & Adoption
  • Billboard Marketing
  • CoinZilla and Crypto Platform Banner Marketing
  • Offline Roadshow

About Phase 2

Phase 2 will begin in the second quarter following the token launch. In Phase 2, the focus will be on driving token adoption, laying the groundwork for commercial usage, and establishing an ecosystem with automated buyback and burning of $X tokens to encourage businesses to utilize AI technology and to provide API documentation for developers.

  • 80,000 $xAI holders
  • xAI Payment Processor MVP and Beta
  • xAI Draw Premium Version
  • xAI GPT Premium Version
  • xAI AI Trading Bot - Cloud Connect & Seed Env
  • xAI Scanner - ETH, ARB, OKX
  • xAI Trading Analytics Beta
  • More CEX Listing on Top Exchanges
  • Cross Bridge / Worm Hole for Arb Layer 2 Chain
  • Cryptocurrency conventions and sponsorship

About Phase 3

Phase 3 will begin in the 3rd Quarter following the token launch. The focus of this phase is to develop a self-deployable NFT platform, a premium version, and to generate revenue for the token team. This revenue will be used to bolster the growth of the token by listing it on more centralized exchanges, conducting repurchases and burning them. Furthermore, the team will recruit on a global scale and create new use cases, integrating AI technology to enhance the utility and value of the token.

  • 200,000 $xAI holders
  • xAI Trading Premium Version
  • xAI Draw NFT Platform
  • xAI Scanner - TRON, Harmony, Cronos, FON
  • xAI Payment Processor Platform for Commerical
  • xAI Grok GPT further upgrades
  • Cross Bridge / Worm Hole for ETH, Polygon Chain
  • CEX Listing & Adoption on Top 5 Exchange.


Join the team

At our core, we believe in a straightforward approach to building our team. We strive to assemble a group of skilled and enthusiastic individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultivate a work environment that enables each team member to perform at their best. By working collaboratively, we bring the power of AI to the world of blockchain technology.

Jobs Posting

Leroy Cowell

Founder, CEO, & CMO

Incredible potential and impact AI technology can have on the world. Passionate about harnessing this technology to create products and services that can improve the lives of people around the world. Strive to expand the boundaries of AI technology,

Olan Baker

AI/ML Engineer

Develop AI algorithms and models for a wide variety of applications. Implement AI techniques such as computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning. TensorFlow and Scikit-learn for AI development.

Enrique Somchai สมชาย

Senior DevOps Engineer

Maintain Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) solutions using tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, and Ansible for configuration management. Well versed with Python, Bash, Ansible, Chef, Prometheus, Nodejs.

Chris Ryan

Data Engineer

Managing data architecture, developing data pipelines, and building models to support data-driven decision-making. Creating databases, developing ETL processes, and developing data models to support different use cases.


Python Engineer

Develop automated testing suites for Python systems and services, test and debug Python software development project. Christian also develop custom software components and libraries for Python-based AI application, ensure software and code standards.

Javier Hawkins


To create relationships with developers to better understand their needs, increase user engagement, and support more efficient continuous delivery processes. Initiating and implementing protocols, regulations, and documentation that support successful adoption by developers

Tech Stacks

Deep learning, data processing tools, components we are using.